Constantly rising prices on the world market of the supplying industry; every time stricter ecological requirements; use of new materials; every time harder competitions; more complex projects (" turn-key-job"); shorter time schedules; continually rising requests to standard of the quality – these are only some of the reasons why it’s important nowadays to work always more cost-efficiently meanwhile offering a larger variety of service.

To be able to offer our clients that variety of service and to guarantee a high level of quality in short time deliveries Dirk A. Hensel Ingeniería S.L. is cooperating with specialists in a Network. All activities and handlings of the projects are made within the Network partners while our clients have only one contractor.

Our Network-Partners are:

-   adapt GmbH, Hamburg
-   esn - engineering services network - GmbH, Hamburg
-   GLASSL GmbH, Würzburg
-   Jan van Ommen (Ingenierurbüro), Wentorf
-   Rudolf Schulte Ingenieurbüro für Tank- und Behältertechnik, Vettelschoss
-   Platina GmbH, Hamburg

Our Network is dynamical and is growing with requirements of the projects of our clients.